Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jake's Mushroom Box

Have not been in my craft room much since I finished that big batch of cards the other day. I do have something to show you however. A few months back I showed you a picture of a tissue box that my son and I had turned into Gary the snail from Spongebob for my sons school valentine collection. Well his latest love is MarioKart and he has been collecting characters and making his own little Lego karts. He wanted somewhere to store them and thought we could decorate another tissue box with a theme to what was inside the box. And so the mushroom was born.
The box was covered with red construction paper and the spots punched out of cardstock using a circle punch. The white body part underneath was made using a large empty raisin box covered in white paper with 2 pieces of black card for his eyes. It's a very simple make and Jake loves his new container.
Thanks for looking

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Gabby said...

Holy tissue paper box!!! I love it Nic! That's super adorable! Just like I love Gary...I love this too!!! :D