Monday, April 13, 2009

Stuffed Buddy

Well, Hello! Our visitors are finally on their long way home so I haven't got anything to show you yet. At least not that has been made by me. I thought I would pop on though to show you that I have not disappeared completely and to show you this cool present that Jake received for his 10th birthday from our awesome friends in California ("insert wave here" Hi, Lucy & Co).

It arrived in multiple parts (dog, stuffing and buttons) and it was my job to complete the task. It was about a week till I got around to it. Apologies for that but it's been crazy busy here. I had to stuff him and sew up his behind and attach his eyes.

The finished thing was the cutest little doggy and one very happy son. The dog has been named Buddy, this is Lucy's dogs name and Jake loves buddy dog and misses him alot. Hopefully I should be back in a day or two with something from me. I am a little under the weather though so please bare with me.

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Sonya said...

WOW I just LOVE that!! you did a great job on finishing Buddy up:)