Monday, February 22, 2010

Tatiana's Valentines

I just wanted to show you what I made for Valentines Day for Megan's best friend Tatiana. I made her and her little sister matching 3 x 3 cards using an image that my friend Renee sent me ages ago. They have been hiding away in a drawer so I wouldn't use them cause they are so cute (LOL). Anyway the little teddy bear with the heart on his mug made me smile so I decided it was time to give him to a good home.

I also made Megan and Tatiana matching 6 x 6 scrapbooks. Each one will have the same pages made for it as their friendship grows. For now I have just made the first page using a picture I took at Christmas. I will add to it as they have more and more fun. Everything used is either Stampin' Up or from Archivers.

Thanks for looking


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Sonya said...

Thats so cute!!! I bet she loved it.