Monday, November 21, 2011

Hermione and The Doctor

Look at absent minded me again. I came in and wished you guys a Happy Halloween and then promptly forgot to show you all my hard work for the occasion.

My sons costume was fairly straight forward. He wanted to be Dr Who is a famous British based time lord who has an increasing fan base here in America. we were able to watch some episodes of the latest regeneration Matt Smith while we were in the UK over the summer. Ever since he has been fascinated by everything Dr who related. This prompted a trip to the thrift store where we found his jacket and eBay found us the bow tie and suspenders. All I really had to do was sew elbow patches onto the jacket and make an inside pocket for storing his sonic screwdriver.

My daughter wanted to be Hermione from Harry Potter. She got the wand while on a trip to Universal Studios last Christmas. I put together the uniform pretty easily by going to Target. I gave in and purchased a proper Griffindor tie from Party City. The key part to the whole thing coming together was Hermione's robe. I found the perfect pattern and black fabric at Hancock Fabrics. Oh, my goodness did I have fun with this project. Although in my efforts to play it safe on the size front I ended up making it a tad too big, OK a lot too big but I managed to make it fit and she has the opportunity to grow into it for some time to come.

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