Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hand Sewn Quilt

Last year I bought a couple of quilt kits on clearance from Jo-Ann's. My plan when I bought them was to make a quilt for my mum. The kit was made up of hexagons, a shape I have never used before. I made the decision to hand sew it. This gave me the added benefit of being able to work on it anywhere.
It was very exciting to watch it grow. I had to take a break from it on and off due to traveling. But when it was finished It looked great. I was enjoying the hand sewing side of things so much I wanted to keep going so I hand quilted it too.

Made with love from start to finish. I gave it to my mum for her birthday in January and she loves it and it is getting lots of use.

Thanks for looking

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AJ said...

I think it looks fantastic! Great work~ <3