Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Crafts

Here are a couple of pictures of the crafts I did for Halloween. Megan took a pot of pencils with lollipops into school. These look very similar to what I did last year with the Pixi Stix. I was a little light on ideas and time so I went with what I knew. It did end up taking a while though as the pencils, being thicker than the pixi stix were not co-operating with my dimensionals. I ended up resorting to stapling each side together. Due to all the time I wasted I just gave Jake a pot of pencils and lollipops to hand out - no frills.

I also made these little goodie bags for a friends Halloween party we went to. Megan's friend has a peanut allergy so we made sure everything inside was good for her to have. I will be a little light on posts for a while as I am feeling under the weather. Will be back when I have time to craft a little when I feel better.

Thanks for looking


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Sonya said...

Those are great!! I need to make something like that too..no Pixie sticks here but we do have lollipops!

I sure hope you feel better soon. Liam is home this week with the flu and Jacob just went back on monday after bing out last week..Im up to my eye balls in sickness. Take Care!