Friday, February 25, 2011

Cushion Re-Cover

My daughter has informed me recently that she is too old for Dora the Explorer any more and that left me with the question of what to do with certain items that she has. Her toys were sorted into keepsakes and giveaways. We also sold some of them and let her have the money as she was so good to have let them go.

However that still left me with a few things around her room that she still uses regularly but doesn't want Dora all over them. So with my mind currently working overtime on sewing things I decided to make new covers for them starting with her floor/body pillow.

I found a really pretty fabric at Joann's with pretty flowers all over it and got busy with sewing it a new cover. I didn't want to take the old cover off as there was no zip and I couldn't guarantee that there was another cover inside or if it went straight to filling. Also I thought that the bright pink might show through the new fabric so I bought a cheap neutral body pillow cover from Walmart and made a neutral cover first.

My daughter absolutely loves her new pillow and it looks great in her room.

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