Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby's Got A Brand New Chair....

Dunna, dunna, dunna, dun. LOL. Did you miss me? I want to apologise for being AWOL for a bit. I just don't know where the time has gone. Been one very busy little bee though that's for sure.

I need to catch you up on what I have been busy with. First up is my second "Dora" project for my daughters room. You may remember the body cushion I recovered a little while ago. Well next came her Dora chair. she loves sitting in it to read but has outgrown Dora and wanted something different.

I could not resist this lovely fleece fabric. It is covered in cats which is just perfect for her as she just loves cats. I had to take the old cover apart so I could use it as my template. The result.....a brand new chair that she loves to pieces. As soon as she saw it finished she hugged it and promptly sat in it. Awesome!!!!!

This is her when she first got the chair on her third birthday. Thanks for looking.



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Sonya said...

We so need to be neighbors! I could learn so much from you :) that chair looks fabulous!