Friday, July 22, 2011

Allergy Pack (for school)

I think I have mentioned my daughters friend with the peanut allergies before. Her mom (my friend) thinks she is old enough to carry her own medications. She still needs an adult to give them to her should she need them but if she has them with her then they are immediately available.

My friend and I tossed ideas back and fore and while out shopping together a few weeks ago she found this fanny pack on clearance at Jo-Ann's. I set about livening up the front with some denim and an iron on applique. I also added some fabric that my friend picked out (the rest I am going to use for a gift for Christmas).

Once the outside was finished I set about the inside. I know I probably should have done this the other way around but I guess I got carried away. Anyways I put a number of strips of elastic inside for holding her epi-pens, inhaler and anti histamine in place so they would not bounce around.

Both she and her mom loved it. Thumbs up on that one, yay!

Thanks for looking



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AJ said...

I love this idea and fabric you picked was beautiful! <3