Thursday, October 6, 2011

American Themed Tea Cozy Set

I mentioned in my last post about our trip to the UK. We went over to celebrate my gorgeous niece's wedding. My daughter was a bridesmaid (it was such an honor for her to be chosen). It was a truly awesome day. It was the first time my daughter had been a bridesmaid so she was a little nervous. However once they had done her hair in the salon she had a grin on her face all day it was wonderful.

Long story short my niece and her now husband have moved into their first home and I wanted to make them something special. My sister had told me that an American theme would be perfect as they holiday almost every year in Florida and it is the whole families favorite place. I had also asked what she thought my niece would like. As it happens my family are a huge bunch of teapots, we all drink an awful lot of tea so the choice of a tea cozy was easy.

I used every spare minute i had before and during packing for the trip. I had picked up an American themed bundle at Jo-Ann's. I had so much fun making the tea cozy I decided to keep on going and use up all the fabric by making coasters, a hot pad and a carrier bag holder. My niece and her hubby loved them and I even got a cup of tea out of it;-)

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