Monday, December 19, 2011

Native American Indian Costume

My daughters class have been doing a project on the Native American Indians of Texas and the final part of this was the kids dressing up as Indian's in a type of wax museum and coming to life (with the press of a pretend button) to tell their part of the story.

My Daughter was a Lipan Apache Shaman. I did some Internet searching which surprisingly didn't turn up much. luckily it coincided with me purchasing a remnant with a fringed edge that was perfect for this. I am addicted to remnants. It it the first place I head for when I go to a craft store. Having said that though the first thing I thought of was a poncho. I found the most gorgeous fleece at Hobby Lobby and made this first. I followed the pattern in a book I had found called 'sew what! fleece'. it's a great book with lots of easy to follow fleece ideas.

The dress was a fairly simple design that came right off the top of my head. I simply sewed up the 2 sides about 3/4 of the way. leaving room for her arms and cut a hole for her head. Fringed each side all the way up and it was looking pretty good.

It was then I came across another remnant in a different store and added a second layer to the top half of the dress. I also used this fabric to make her a belt and headdress. To finish the ensemble we got her a pair of moccasin slippers and platted her hair. Even though I say it myself she looked pretty darn awesome.

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