Monday, January 30, 2012

Wall or Fridge Plaque

A little while back I made a carrier bag holder with a chicken theme for one if my close friends. She mentioned that she would like to have something from the same material that would hang from the front of her fridge.

My mind went to work figuring out what I could make for her. Finally I saw this awesome idea in one of the Jo-ann fabric flyer's and began making her a quilted plaque from some of the pieces I had left over. I bought a small 6 inch embroidery ring and sewed together a panel using one of each kind of fabric that is in her carrier bag holder.

I stretched it over the hoop and tightened it as much as I could. I got to christen my glue gun as I folded the fabric over the back and glued it in place to stay out of the way. It was looking really pretty. I got just a little carried away with my glue gun as I used little swatches of fabric to hide the mess at the back. Once finished it looked amazing.

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