Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back in the Saddle

The sewing saddle that is. At least kind of. Having a few technical difficulties with the old girl but I got my first project made at the weekend with a little help from hubby. You could almost say he made it not me.LOL.

Finished Curtain

I wanted to put a curtain up in the little window over the downstairs shower. The sun comes through there with a vengeance and the room gets pretty hot. I bought a single panel curtain from either Target or Walmart. Can't remember which off hand but it was too long for where I wanted it. The plan was to cut off the excess and re-hem it. However my machine kept eating the thread. I had this problem before but can't remember what I did to solve it and my sewing mentor is now in California so Paul offered to have a look for me.

Before (Picture off packet)

He dismantled it as men do and put it back together. What ever he did it worked and he pretty much sewed the whole hem himself. Now that the machine is plugged in and good to go, I am excited to get on with my other sewing projects.

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Lucy Wilson said...

cool! welcome to the world or riding.....erm.... your machine!!!