Friday, March 13, 2009

Sewing Project #1 (Cushions)

I finished, I finally finished. This project has been on my to do list for as long as I can remember.I bought the fabric last year and it has been sitting in my cupboard gathering dust. They look really cool on the sofa too and the whole family loves them. Especially Megan because now I can move onto my next task which is to make her beautiful dresses.LOL

I opted to fore go zips as my kids like to hit one another with our cushions. We have had many an owie due to the zip catching someone somewhere. So I worked out how to fold over them and I am so glad it worked first time. I had visions of a piece being inside out and having to undo everything but they worked really well. The fabric had a small fringe along the edges that I used to my advantage.

Only one refill was required on the bobbin and I managed to make 5 cushions in total. *One thing I have noticed while fabric shopping lately is that I really miss my friend Lucy. She is a wealth of knowledge in this department and I miss having her guidance nearby.


Barb said...

Woohoo for you Nic, doesn't it feel good when you finally get it finished, love the colors too.

Sonya said...

OMGosh Nic those are FABULOUS pillow cushions!! holy moly Im impressed:)

Lucy Wilson said...

wow nic these are awesome xxx i love the colors and you did a fabulous job on these xxxx

i miss you so much too xxx cant wait till you move to CA!

Ila said...

These are Fabulous cushions..and great colors....I'm a big fan of the same fold...and use it all the time...Now I am getting itchy to a Great Weekend!!...Ila