Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tagging Myself

I have been waiting patiently to get this tag but it never came my way. I have been meaning to just go ahead and do it as a few people just said tag yourself instead of naming anyone but as with everything it slipped my mind to do so till now. I am finally picking my 6th picture in my 6th folder to show you a little insight into me.

This was taken in Fredricksburg TX. The picture is of My Dad and us on his one and only trip here to Austin in 2004. My mom is not a keen traveller but my dad is a cowboy at heart so he came over on his own for 4 weeks. We had such an awesome time. The only down side he said was not being able to share his experiences with my mom. He missed her a lot.

After his heart attack last year he has expressed a wish to come over one more time but this time he won't come without my mom and my mom is digging her heals in and saying no. It's frustrating as she has flown to America before. Once to Disney World with my sister and Once to San Fransisco when we were living in California. Keep your fingers crossed we can change her mind.

Well that's my tag and my trip down memory lane. If you don't mind I'm gonna put a couple more pictures from his trip on here cause I really enjoyed looking back at this. Thanks for looking guys.

Oh BTW I have a sneak peak for you...Do you remember ages ago I showed you this fabric swatch. Well I have been playing with my sewing machine and will have the finished thing to show you real soon.



Lucy Wilson said...

ooh.... i love the sneak peak... cant wait to see what you have created!!!

Sonya said...

Nic I love the photos you posted. I really enjoy it when you post stuff about yourself. I hope your mom is able to make the trip. I know how you feel about being in another country without your family and how much those visits mean to you. I'm patiently waiting myself! I cant wait to see what you've been sewing!!!!!