Monday, September 21, 2009

Megan's Thankyou Cards

These were super quick to make. Megan wanted to help so she got to pick which princess would be our theme. I then stamped her out a bunch of them so she could color them in. I made them more of a postcard than a card to save on cardstock. Martha Stewart punched the edges of the yellow and stuck it all together. I also printed off labels for the back so all she had to write was who, what and her name. She was very excited when they were finished. I have never seen her write thank you cards so fast.

Oh and I almost forgot to show you what else we did the other day. Megan had to make a this is me poster for school. They were supposed to make it into a shape and she chose a shoe. This is how it turned out. Lots of jewels and sparkles to show off Megan's character and help her teacher learn all about her.

Thanks for looking



Sonya said...

Well done on the Thank You cards and Im so loving the shoe!!! Excellent job Megan!!!

Lucy Wilson said...

what a neat idea... for them both! love the fact the thank you cards are already written and she just has to sign! I might have to pinch that idea!