Friday, September 11, 2009

Sewing Project #2 (Purse)

It was my friend Lucy's Birthday this week. Tuesday in fact so I have no cards to show you as I have been busy with a surprise for her. She makes the most beautiful things over on her blog and I wanted to show her that I do more with my sewing machine than just have it around gathering dust.

This idea came to me when my son wore through the knees of his jeans. I cut off the legs to make them into shorts. I am one of those people that cannot throw away anything and I had an idea pop into my head as to what I could co with the left over legs, hole in the knee and all.

First thing I did was sew the bottom closed. I folded over the top so that the inside part where the hole was is on the outside. I had picked up a fabric quart from Jo-Ann's in Lucy's favorite color (purple). I measured and cut how much I would need for lining the purse and cut the rest into strips leaving just enough for a pocket on the front. I sewed the strips together into a long length and then folded it so the inside was on the outside and sewed it along the length. Once I had turned it right side out I had my strap which I then attached to my bag.

The pocket on the front was next, then the lining. The lining was not co-operating with me when I tryed to attach it with my sewing machine so I sat down and watched some TV while hand sewing it into the pouch. I bought a magnetic snap to hold the bag closed. That and the stitches for the handles are all hidden under the fold over at the top. I got Megan to pose with it for me and she liked it so much I now have to make her one only in pink.

I finally found some mojo and made a card today so will post that soon. Hopefully my mojo will hang around for a while as I have a lot to catch up on. BTW I was grinning from ear to ear when Lucy told me how much she liked it. I'm so glad it turned out so well. Thanks for looking.



Sonya said...

OMGosh Nic you did an awesome job!! I seriously love it!! So..Can I order one with a froggy lining? LOL

Ila said...

What a Totally Fabulous purse!!..Makes me want to sew something right cards are all Gorgeous too!!..Thank you so much for spreading the news of my blog candy....Good Luck!!..Hugs, Ila

Lucy Wilson said...

I am grinning from ear to ear using it :)

I LOVE it and its so special because you made it for me xxxxx

Its my everyday purse and the pocket on the front is the perfect size to keep my iphone handy... its almost as if you have one and knew :)