Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On The First Day Of Christmas...

...I just have to sing the praises of my lovely friend Lucy who sent us this awesome quilted advent calendar. She even sent the candy to fill it. Isn't it just awesome. Her blog link is over on my sidebar if you want to check out what else she has been up to. I dream of being as good as her one day but alas it is just a dream. It will not stop me sewing however.

Just to prove it here is a little something I made for my other lovely friend Sonya. Today is her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONYA!) and she admired the one I made for Lucy earlier this year so as per her request I made her one with her favorite thing - FROGS!

I am currently wrapping gifts like a silly person trying to get them mailed by the end of the week to the UK. Hopefully I can get back into my craft room after that. Although I think I may need to purge/tidy/clean it first as I have so much stuff in there these days my brain feels a little overwhelmed every time I go in there so I need to sweep a few cobwebs clear first.

Thanks for looking


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Lucy Wilson said...

i have this frog fabric!!! great job nic xx xI still have and use my purse :)