Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tree Decorations

I went to a make and take at Archiver's about a month ago and one of the makes was an ornament for your tree. I was very impressed with how easy they were and felt that I could probably make them at home as I have the most important thing I needed already.

What I didn't have I bought while there. For me a good make and take is when I end up buying and taking the product home. So I guess this one was a winner. I bought the acrylic snowflakes and the ribbon and the mosaic tiles before leaving and invested in a Martha Stewart snowflake punch from Michael's as the one they had used was very awkward.

At home I ran the snowflakes through my cuttlebug. The finished thing looks really nice. Of course the ones I made myself at home are green as that is my favorite color and that way the people getting them as Christmas gifts get a little piece of me for their tree.

Thanks for looking



Sonya said...

Oh Nic those are just so so soooo awesome!!!

Lucy Wilson said...

these are very cute xxx