Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year

I have been very dormant over the Christmas season and because of that I am finding it very hard to get back into the swing of things. However cards and such won't make themselves so hopefully I will be back soon with something new to show you.

In the meantime I want to show you one or our Christmas presents. It is from my wonderful friend Lucy (aka The Quilting Queen) You can find her sewing up a storm on her blog. She sent us the most awesome quilt. I love this quilt so much I won't even let my cats on it for fear they will snag it with their claws. Thank you Lucy!!!!!!!

One thing I did find a renewed passion for over Christmas was jigsaws. I came across some in my attempts to tidy my craft room (this endeavour is not going so well). I set about this one between Christmas and New Years and finished it last weekend. It was only 500 pieces but pretty tough as a lot of the pieces looked exactly the same, nightmare. Still it's finished, question is, what do I do with it now?

Thanks for looking



Sonya said...

Frame the puzzle! thats beautiful! You can buy that stuff where you can glu it together and then you could frame it:) We need to find a giant gorilla one..:)

The quilt is so so beautiful! Lucy is amazing for sure!

Lucy Wilson said...

Glad you love the quilt xxx that puzzle is amazing, what a beautiful picture xxxx