Saturday, May 24, 2008

Getting Ready to Sew

I have been putting off plugging in my sewing machine for a while now. Not quite sure why. But I have managed to add yet another project to my ever increasing sewing pile so I am going to have to take the plunge soon.

I decided that I don't like my living room cushions any more and I wanted to buy new. Paul suggested I go looking for a nice material and make some. I have done this before when we were living in England so I figured why not. I went to Jo-Ann's and had a wander around their material section and found a really pretty material that has all the colors that we have in our rug we have in there. Here's a taste. LOL. I only took a pic of the swatch. You will have to wait till I get them done to see the whole thing. I think they will look fab. I just need the motivation to get sewing now and I think I may have finally found it.

While I was there I strolled down the sale aisle. I have a habit of feeling the material as I go if I see something I like. If I don't like the feel of it then I won't buy it. I came to a really nice fabric it's a check pattern The colors caught my eye and ran my hand over it. It was so soft I thought I was in heaven. LOL. It was down to $9 a yard so I got 2 yards. This is the crazy part as I am not quite sure what to make with it just yet but it just felt to good to leave there.

Hopefully now I am slowly getting all my stuff in line after stretching myself way to thin. I can start to enjoy my sewing machine again. I'll keep you posted.


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Sonya said...

Im getting a sewing machine at the end of the month so now we can keep tabs on one another as to what we are making. The fabric looks beautiful and I do the same thing. I will buy fabric that catches my eye without knowing what I want to do with I cant wait to see the end product!!