Friday, May 2, 2008

Ribbon, Ribbon Everywhere

Yesterday I had an awesome surprise in my mailbox. A few weeks ago I jumped on the opportunity of joining one of Emily Giovanni's ribbon share's. How glad am I that I did. Look at all this ribbon! I am so excited, all the colors are awesome. I cant wait to use them. Jake spotted a neon lime in amongst the others and wanted some. He has been reading Indian in the cupboard at school and has been longing for his own key with a ribbon. Initially he wanted a red ribbon like in the book but when he saw the neon lime he fast changed his mind.

Also I treated myself to a new toy. You saw the dry embossed card on an earlier post from hostess club well I have been wanting a light box ever since. As luck would have it this week a voucher for 50% off at Michaels came with the weekly paper. I had to take advantage of this opportunity as I would never be able afford it at the full price. So here it is my new light box. I have a bunch of stuff I want to do with these things stacking up. I hope I will have time to actually do them soon.

However firstly I have a Scrapbook to make for my daughters teacher. One page for each child in her class that's 20 pages in one week. Wish me luck.


emilymomto3boys said...

enjoy your ribbons! I'm glad your son liked the neon green too!

Joani said...

How cool! I just love ribbon! And what a cool deal on the lightbox.
Enjoy your new goodies