Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Awards, For Me?

Wow, My friend Joani http://joaniscardsmadebyhand.blogspot.com/ made me feel so special by passing these on to me.

It makes me feel good inside to know that people who come and visit my blog really are enjoying what they see.

The first thing to do is to mention 5 things I'm addicted to:
  1. Stamping. I would do it all day every day if I could.
  2. Cherry Coke. I have to have at least one soda a day wether it's this or Dr Pepper.
  3. My computer. I spend too much time on here messing around but have very little to show for it most of the time.
  4. TV. It's my background noise of choice and of course I have to watch my shows.
  5. Chocolate. Another thing that has snuck up and become a daily habit. Gotta fix this one though. I eat way too much chocolate.

Now the hard part. To pick out 5 people to pass these on to. That's really hard because I love all the blogs I visit wether I just stalk or if I have chance to leave a message. There is just so many cool things out there in blogland to see. So with that being said and the fact that all my close blogging buddies have these already and just about everyone else besides. I am gonna have to be really lame and stop here. I would point you in the direction of my Inspiration list though as all these blogs and the people who write them are totally awesome.

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