Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finished Craft Room

Well it's finally done. Took a while, mainly because I had so much crap to sort through when I was putting everything back in.

I got a new light fitting with really bright bulbs. When you turn it on in the evening now it still feels like daytime. Before the light was really dull and I would have to have extra lamps on to compensate.

We painted the walls a Mellow Yellow. Yellow is a creative color so I hope it will help inspire me. I put extra storage into my closet. It has the same again behind the other door and it is right behind my chair so if I forget anything it is all within reach.

We moved the tall bookcases that hold all my stamp sets and photo albums onto a different wall. The room seems to flow a lot better now. My computer is now on an alternative wall too now and thanks to hubby has a larger memory capacity to keep up with my photo taking.

My craft desk is in the same place it was before. No matter what we tried we couldn't seem to think of a better place for it. So in front of the window it stays. I got a print of my favorite Van Gogh picture framed on the wall above my computer. This puts my stamp on the room. I feel this room is a lot brighter when I walk into it now.

The hope the pictures help you get an idea. I even have a sewing corner... No excuses now :-)


Julie Temple said...

WONDERFUL space!! You are so organized...wanna give lessons? Thanks for sharing!

Rubber Hugs,

Barb said...

Your room looks wonderful, you must be thrilled with it, so nice & bright too.

Joani said...

OMGoodness ~ I'd love to have a space like that. I love the bright cheery color! Congrats to you Nic!