Monday, February 4, 2008

The inner workings

Over the weekend I decided to have a little furniture rearrange in my craft room. I had bought a small table towards the end of last year and it has spent the longest time sitting in the middle of my craft room getting in the way of everything and with me dumping stuff on it. So I decided to take action. Step one was to put away all the stuff that had accumilated on it. Step two was to swing my cardmaking desk around (good thing it's on wheels). Step three was to move the table into the space that had become available by turning my desk around. I am very happy with it's new position as it allows me to not only look out the window (which I could do before) but to also see the rest of my craft room (which I couldn't do before). It also means that when someone comes over to craft with me we can sit together and chat and not have to have our backs to one another as before.



Sonya said...

Nic it looks great! you are a tidy My desk looks like a bomb went off on it. I think you along with Gabby need to come to my house and help me with mine! lol

Joani said...

How nice, bright and cheerful! I love your space Nic!

Gabby said...

LOVE you crafting space Nic! Can I come live with you? LOL! Hey...up for a Netherlands trip to help Sonya? LOL!