Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Goodies

Ok, I'm a day late with these but as promised here are the things the kids and I made for Paul for Father's Day. Firstly I took pics of the kids out the garden holding the letters that make up the word DAD. Then I decorated a wooden frame I got at Michael's with Disney paper and mickey shaped buttons and once dry I put one of the pic's into the frame.

Once the pic's were taken the kids decorated the two D's with (their tool of choice) crayons. I took the A and using my Stazon black ink stamped some Disney stuff on it.

Last but not least I made him a post-it holder from a couple of drink coasters and I finally christened my bind-it-all machine. If your wondering why it's all Disney themed it's because Paul works for Disney plus the fact that the family as a whole are big fans of Disney helped too.

Thanks for looking


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Sonya said...

oh wow you have a bind it all machine! Did you like using it? The gifts were great, I bet he loved them!