Friday, June 26, 2009

Gift Card for Hubby

Today is my Hubby's Birthday. He had to go to work which was a shame but not before opening his cards and gifts. One of which was this gift card holder I made for him. Well the gift card was the gift but you know what I mean. I tweaked it a little from the last one I showed you a while ago cause it turns out Xbox360 gift cards are longer in size than regular gift cards so I made the smaller gift card holder fit inside a regular card which in turn fitted inside a regular envelope. Score!

Still needs some tweaking though as the star at the bottom that was supposed to keep it shut refused to do it's job. I had to go to all sorts of lengths to figure something out for that. It wasn't perfect, but next time I need one I will figure out a better way to keep it closed.

Thanks for looking


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