Saturday, January 19, 2008

Spotlight Saturday 002

Well, here we are again. The week seems to go by so quickly. Today I picked a card to show you from my good friend Joani. I am a member of her MSN group (Cards Made By Hand) and an avid follower of her blog. She is the most giving person I know and I'm pretty sure over time I am owing her quite a few RAK's as I have received many from her. Her kindness is an inspiration as is her card making. This card is a RAK I received from her at Christmas. It's a cold day here so I thought this was appropriate. Those penguins are just so darn cute don't you think? You can see more of her creations here (


Sonya said...

How sweet Nic! wonderful card joani!!

Joani said...

Awww, Nic. Your making me *blush*!
As I am an avid follower of YOUR blog, I wanted to say thanks for your kudos!
Your great! Love ya!!