Saturday, January 26, 2008

Spotlight Saturday 003

I am presently having card makers block as far as Valentines cards go. I sit at my desk and go blank so while I am waiting for my mojo to return I thought I would share another friends card with you.

Today's card is from Gabby. She is the manager of one of the card groups I am in called Handmade Cards With Love, it's a MSN group and I am very proud to be assistant manager there. She is one of the most awesome card makers ever. I have had this one in my stash for quite some time. In fact I rarely part with any of her cards because they are that darn good. This one, I love to pieces and will never part with, ever. One of my MANY interests is Egypt. My dad's cousin is an Egyptologist. She gets up close with the mummy's and stuff. It's awesome. Anyway when I saw this card it just blew me away. I think you can see why. You can see more of her stuff on her blog. Check out

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Sonya said...

I can see why you love this is fantastic! Great job Gabby:o)