Monday, March 10, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Update on the Jigsaw. It's finished and glued. Looks awesome. Right now it is sitting in the middle of the coffee table in the living room. Looks kinda cool there. We are gonna either leave it there or maybe frame it not sure yet. Took us a week to do. Not bad for 1000 pieces.

Saturday we went to the rodeo so no card making. It was awesome though. I so love the Rodeo. It's the best part of being back in Texas. Sunday however I was able to make this card. It is for my son who will be 9 years old in a week. He loves dinosaurs and space and sea creatures so I dragged out my silly sealife set and made him a card with an octopus on it.

The card is square, 5 x 5 inches in fact. Not a card shape I generally make. Especially as the post office charge extra for it being a different shape. But seen as I don't have to mail this one I thought I would give it a try. His favorite colors are orange and blue so they are the main colors and I added a little green. I cuttlebugged the orange because of the shape I had to do it a couple of times but it lined up pretty well and you almost can't see the join. I think he's gonna love it.


Joani said...

I'm sure he'll love it! I love it! You did a super job Nic. Great jigsaw too by the way! Love to do those on rainy days.

Sonya said...

The puzzle is so awesome1 well done and the card is beyond cute..Jake is gonna love it!