Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy St.David's Day & Mother's Day

Sorry I've been a little quiet this week. We have a house full of the flu. My Daughter, My Son and Myself. Not to mention my husband with tonsillitis. So due to not wanting to pass my or anyone else's germs around to the people who get my cards I have been staying out of my craft room. This has been very hard like chopping off your hands hard. To try and take my mind off it I started doing a Jigsaw. But even that was driving me loopy. Paul and Jake have started to help. It's amazing the lure a jigsaw puzzle has. I'll let you know if we finish it

Anyway I thought I would pop on and let you know how things are going. Also to wish everyone a Happy St.David's Day for yesterday and a UK Happy Mother's Day for today. I spoke to my Mum today as she is back in Wales. I get melancholy at times like this as I do miss them so.

I am starting to feel a little better and so is the rest of the family slowly so hopefully I should be back and posting cards before you know it.

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