Friday, March 14, 2008

One Sheet Wonder

I'm in the middle of making my Easter cards. That's why I've been a little quiet this week. That and the fact the kids have been home all week on Spring break. Anyway thought I would drop in and let you guys know what it is that I have been doing. I'm gonna post all the cards in the next post once I'm finished with all of them but here's a look at the basic idea behind it.

For my Easter cards this year I decided to cheat a little and do a one sheet wonder. I've had people ask me what this is and basically you use one sheet of either Designer Paper or of stamped cardstock that you have designed yourself and cut it up into multiple shaped pieces and with one sheet you can get about 10 to 12 cards from that. Here's a picture of my cute eggy DP and another of the reverse side showing how I plan to cut it up. This is for a 12 x 12 sheet although you can also do 11 x 8.5 if you are using cardstock. You can find templates on I found mine there in the gallery under One Sheet Wonders.

I am a procrastinator and always leave things to the last possible minute so these things are awesome when you have a lot to do in a short amount of time. This sheet makes 11 cards in total I will put them on the blog tomorrow when I will hopefully be finished. So far I am on card 6 of 11. See you soon and thanks for popping by to look.

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