Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I got an award

It's so nice to know that someone out there likes what I do. I get so very little feedback that I wonder sometimes. I have been considering a blog candy but don't want people posting just to get it. I want people to come here because they like what I do. I will give it a little longer though. It's still early days for me in the blogging world. Anyway I would like to thank Sonya of for giving me the award. I love her blog but cannot give the award back to her so must pay it forward to 3 others who I deem worthy. I noticed that a couple of my choices already got chosen by Sonya but here's who else rocks my crafting boat.

All the shortcuts to these are actually over there on the right hand side of the page but I wanted to put it here too. I need to update that as I have so many more blogs that I visit regularly these days. Hope to have time to do that soon. Right I'm off to spread the happy. Have a great day.



Sonya said...

Oh man I would SERIOUSLY be disapointed if you let this blog go..I really mean it. I dont get much comments either but I guess we cant do it for the other people..although I do understand about wanting some nice comments everynow and then :o) I always love what you do!

Joani said...

you are so kind! I understand about the blog candy. I want people to visit my blog because they enjoy it ~ not to get goodies! I love your blog ~ it's on my fav's and I look forward to seeing what you do each day!
Your a great friend!

kathleenh said...

Nicola, thank you so much for nominating me for this award. You're so sweet! I know what you mean about the comments. Blogging can be a lonely world out there sometimes. I hope you find the best solution for you.