Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thinking Quilting

I have been saving all my son's pyjama tops for a while now. He would wear out the knee's in the bottoms and would look such a ragamuffin when he would miss match the tops with something else so we came up with the idea that we would save them and mom aka me would attempt to make him a quilt. This coming from a woman who has never made a quilt before in her life. I think I might need buy myself one of those idiots guides on how to. Still I figure it's gonna be one made with love so that won't matter right?

Well on Friday the kids had a day off from school and somehow totally not on purpose on my part (LOL) we ended up in Hancock Fabrics. We wandered up and down the sales aisles looking for a fabric that would suit Jake. We found a cool orange one (orange being his favorite color) for $1.95 a yard. It was at this point that my daughter announced that she too wanted a quilt made with mommy's love so as luck would have it right next to the orange one was a pink one the same price. I decided to get 5 yards of each in the hopes that it would be enough to be my back panel an every other square with the pyjamas. How far we get with this endeavor time will only tell as it has taken me 6 months just to get my machine out of it's box. Wish me luck.

Oh and I almost forgot I wrote on my other blog about seeing Chuck Wicks live the other night. Such a cute guy and he can sing too.LOL. It was such an awesome night I just can't rave about it enough so I thought I would leave you a link here to go listen to his current hit. Did I mention he was cute. I just love this song I get all melancholy every time I hear it. Oh and he's really cute.LOL. Let me know what you think of it if you haven't heard it before. I would love to know.
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Sonya said...

Thats sooo cool that you were able to see Chuck Wicks! Wow you have to post your experience and what not when makeing the quilts and for sure and post pics. I also want to do that but since I dont have a sewing machine yet, Im starting with no sew blankets. Lots of luck to you!!

Joani said...

It's been a while since I've been around - you've been busy. Oh I wish you luck with the quilt. I've always wanted to make one - but I just can not sew!
Ahhh, and congrats on seeing Chuck Wicks. Yes, he's a cutie!!